Title: Global Wealth & Mindset Expert

Location: Miami, FL

Phone: (978) 833-0338



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Master your mind to gain clarity of purpose, generate multiple revenue streams and increase your profits


Hi my name is Brian Dalmaso and I’m a Global Wealth & Mindset Expert. My team and I teach you how to master your mind TO gain clarity of purpose… Generate multiple revenue streams AND increase your profits… I got started in this industry after attending an international wealth conference where I first saw my current mentor and business partner Bob Proctor present on the mindset of how the world’s wealthiest people think, act, and operate… I’m a mechanical engineer by trade and have always been fascinated on how the mind works… What I love best about what I do is when my clients finally surpass goals that they had never dreamt of achieving… Whenever I’m not working I love to Travel especially to tropical islands and exotic places.

Expert Interviews

Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Luxury Gaming Inc; a custom-themed, high-end gaming table company. What started out as a hobby between Brian and his close friends, the Luxury crew specializes in the design & construction of customized gaming tables. Luxury Gaming serves high-profile clients such as the DropKick Murphys, Seether, Dana White & Caesars Interactive Entertainment (World Series of Poker) to name a few. Eager to make an impact on a global scale, Brian became a Partner in an energy company in 2014 offering sustainable solutions for energy, solar & travel needs.

Brian also started Alvarium Systems Inc in 2016 to serve individuals & businesses in need with a sustainable CRM management system. The systems offer intuitive operation and low cost of entry to their clients. At the onset of 2017, Brian launched the Matrix Success Network working with Bob Proctor teaching and training entrepreneurs around the world on the science of how the world’s wealthiest people think, act, and operate to succeed at the highest levels.


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What is the biggest benefit your services provide?

We clearly help identify what people want and show them how to get it.

Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service

95% of anyones success comes from mindset – We are not taught any of this from traditional education.

Who can benefit from your services?


What are some concerns that clients have prior to working with you and please address them?

Not hitting their goals – dont know why they are failing.

What do clients like best about working with you?

Their results!

What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to connect with me and my team is on my personal 360 site:

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