Coach Chuck Barnard



Coach Chuck Barnard is an author, speaker and teen mindset coach who’s been in the education industry for over 30 years. Chuck has a master’s degree in special education, is certified in Advanced Behavioral Modeling, and is a Master NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

He has been a skier for 56 years, has walked across burning coals, and loves traveling the world. Chuck has been a baseball player and coach for over 50 years. Chuck’s greatest passion is to see young athletes become champions not only on the athletic field and in the classroom, but most importantly in life.



What courses & programs do you have?
I have eight different mindset training programs. The prerequisite for all is the Be Your Own Life Coach 70 day training. I have the Love: The Foundation for Leadership training, then I have two trainings on building Faith and Faithfulness, two more on relationships – friends and family. I have two trainings on the mind and body. The final one in development is the Developing the spirit of a Champion. I also have a couple of short workshops and two powerful video programs to help baseball players get into the flow state.

Have you authored a book?
Yes. The Mindset Journey : Nurturing Love, Faithfulness, and Resilience in Everyday Life available on Amazon

Do you support any charities or causes?
Yes, Salvation Army, my local church, Donna H. Barnard memorial Scholarship fund and numerous others occassionally.N/A


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What is the biggest benefit your services provide?

We help our clients discover and remove limiting beliefs and negative emotions so they can achieve their full potential.


Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service?

Negative beliefs we hold onto not only impact performance but have significant mental health issues which is an epidemic among teens and teen athletes.


Who can benefit from your services?

Teens and teen athletes who want to perform at the next level and experience the incredible benefits and what it’s like to access their full potential.


What are some concerns that clients have prior to working with you and please address them?

Improving test scores is more important. Your beliefs and negative emotions decrease your ability to perform on tests.


What do clients like best about working with you?

I genuinely care and connect with them.


What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to connect to connect with Chuck Barnard is at