Business Cash Flow Specialist
Proactive banking solutions for businesses looking to achieve next level success


Felipe Rodríguez is a Certified Commercial & Middle Market Lender and Highly Specialized Business Banker. Multi-Million Dollar Business Owners have given him high ratings based on his Superior Solutions-Oriented Services and Five-Star Results. His efficiency and effectiveness give a great track record of consistently meeting or exceeding individual and team goals creating Win-Win situations. As an Ambassador and Trustee for the Local Chamber, Felipe has a very strong Relationship Network spanning many industries and professions. It is time to connect or reconnect with Felipe.


Rey: Welcome back to Today’s Premier Experts! I’m your host Rey Perez, and today my special guest Felipe Rodriguez, is a business cash flow specialist. Welcome to the show Felipe.

Felipe: Thank you Rey for having me.

Rey: My pleasure. Now I always like to start off the show by understanding – what is it exactly that a business cash flow specialist does?

Felipe: So everybody says ‘what’s a cash flow specialist?’ Well, we all know that you know, in all businesses the most important thing is cash to be able to run. So I help them leverage the bank relationship and be proactively offering products that can offer that service.

Rey: Now, and, obviously you’re in finance and you’re in the banking industry but you do things a little bit uniquely than other bankers do. So kind of share a little bit about your methodology and how you differentiate in the market.


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