Title: Financial Freedom Strategist

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: (612) 444-3426



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Jerrad Havins is an Author, Speakers and Award Winning Entrepreneur who has mentored over 70,000 people around the world to better their credit and financial wellness. Working with top leaders in the legal and financial industry has allowed him to create a unique methodology in credit building, repair and debt management space. He has been featured in multiple publications and talk shows endorsed as the go to expert in his field. Jerad is committed to supporting individuals and families to overcome their credit & money struggles to gain back confidence and seize their financial future.

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What is the biggest benefit your services provide?

Helping Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness entrepreneurs and business owners to create a more profitable and fulfilling business and lifestyle through systems and education.

Individuals will take their gifts, talents and hobbies and turn them into the business they desire complete immersion into health.

Through our coaching programs and our trademark Credit Builder Blueprint, Our clients not only save money and lower their interest rates, but learn how to get out of debt and finally achieve peace of mind. We don’t just support our clients financial goals we educate and empower them to create long term strategies.

Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service

Too many health, fitness, nutrition & wellness businesses are struggling to grow a profitable business in order to create the life they dream of.

To educate individuals about the programs that will assist them in transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneur.

The world is so Toxic Detox is a MUST for Optimal Health and disease prevention
Everything today is impacted by credit so it’s absolutely vital to understand how credit works in order to achieve financial freedom. This is why we started Credilife, so that we can empower others to shift their money mindset and access better investment & credit opportunities.

Who can benefit from your services?

I work with Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness entrepreneurs and business owners to create a more profitable and fulfilling business and lifestyle.

Individuals who have a desire to create a business, change their mindset, invest in themselves and commit to achieving more.

ALL People ALL ages

Anyone trying to buy a home, start a new business, get a loan, get out of debt, or just want to improve their credit score.

What are some concerns that clients have prior to working with you and please address them?

The biggest challenge that my clients have is implementation and time management to truly taking their business to the next level. I help them implement processes to greater efficiency, greater profitability and an improved lifestyle business.

Most people worry about cost? I explain that money is not the only way that you can invest in yourself. Developing anything of value takes time. You have to be willing to go through the process. Patience is a key ingredient in achieving success that you desire.

Will this work for me? Yes, We all began as a single cell and we detox your cells. Despite what many believe, how we manage our money is far more important than how much money we make. A lot of people are concerned about their ability to qualify for a mortgage, lowering their interest rates or just managing their debt.

What do clients like best about working with you?

Clients know that I am the go-to girl for insider resources and tools to improve their business and life!

Clients like my energy and my determination to achieve many levels of success. They often thank me for inspiring them to stay focused on their vision.

They Feel Better such as clear focused mental clarity, all day energy, relief from aches and pains, feel and look younger, and release of excess weight.

Our clients love our personal, hands on approach to solving their credit issues and the fact that we don’t just service our clients, but educate them.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Schedule a call with me directly at:
Contact me at or (786) 515-5015
Schedule a time to chat on my link

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