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Lisza L Crisalle, CMO, CFNS brings more than 25 years experience in training and coaching to the fields of health and nutrition. After majoring in Exercise Physiology, she tied in her background in fitness to the business world, with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing.

Lisza continued in the fitness industry as an NPC Top 5 Figure Competitor, instructor and trainer for everything from swimming, skiing and martial arts, to aerobics, and indoor cycling. After breaking out of the corporate world more than 15 years ago to work with her husband, she now coaches, trains & mentors on creating a truly profitable and successful health & wellness based business designed to support an upleveled lifestyle.


My team and I help health fitness and wellness businesses create an even more profitable business model by a variety of tools and processes that we take them through based on their business and what their goals are.

We work with all kinds of health professionals such as gym owners, yoga studios, nutrition stores, coaches, sports coaches, doctors and personal trainers. Anyone that is either an entrepreneur or a business owner in a health and wellness industry so perfect so they’re there they already are in the space they’re already providing a service or a product and you come in and kind of inject some like additional resources that they can monetize.

We’ve also worked with startups as well so primarily yes we help them we come in and we take a look at their business what’s working for them what isn’t working for them and then how can we help them take it to the next level create an even more profitable business and we do that with a variety of ways.



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What is the biggest benefit your services provide ?

Helping Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness entrepreneurs and business owners to create a more profitable and fulfilling business and lifestyle through systems and education.


Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service

Too many health, fitness, nutrition & wellness businesses are struggling to grow a profitable business in order to create the life they dream of.


Who can benefit from your services?

I work with Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness entrepreneurs and business owners to create a more profitable and fulfilling business and lifestyle.


What are some concerns that clients have prior to working with you and please address them?

The biggest challenge that my clients have is implementation and time management to truly taking their business to the next level. I help them implement processes to greater efficiency, greater profitability and an improved lifestyle business.


What do clients like best about working with you?

Clients know that I am the go-to girl for insider resources and tools to improve their business and life!


What’s the best way to contact you?

Schedule a call with me directly at: