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Achieve even more success in your health, fitness & nutrition business by leveraging a highly-effective, fully customizable nutrition counseling system.


Lucho Crisalle is the CEO & Founder of Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. He holds Degrees in Food Science, Human Nutrition & Exercise Kinesiology. He created the Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ Certification & the Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ Platform.

Through his career Lucho has held the following positions: Registered Dietitian in the burn, intensive care, oncology, & orthopedic units at one of the top US Hospitals; Head of Nutrition for various Personal Training Certifying companies; Head Dietitian for the Sports Club LA/Irvine. Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, NLP & Hemispheric Integration™.


There are tons of people who are very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition; however, often times, they have difficulty making ends meet or running their business successfully. We specialize in helping them Monetize Their Nutrition Knowledge. We actually have a three-day event called Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge (MYNK for short) where we teach them a whole systematic approach to nutrition counseling so they can serve their clients more efficiently make more money help more people and grow their business. Now you’ve been in this industry for how long? I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for thirty years and through our company, Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. we have been helping other practitioners run their businesses more profitably since July 9th of 2003. I was a wannabe pro bodybuilder and I was the hardest-working guy in the gym I busted my butt and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. When I stumbled upon the right way of eating, and that made all the difference. From then on I made it my life’s calling to help those who teach nutrition how to make a better living, reach more people and make more of a difference in the world.


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What is the biggest benefit your services provide?

The biggest benefit our course, software and coaching programs provide is the ability to learn how to set up and implement SYSTEMS that will help them grow their business, help more people, make more of an impact, make more money and have more time for themselves and their loved ones. I know that sounds like an impossible task to someone who is hearing for the first time or has heard it before, and I would agree with them… it is impossible unless you have the right systems in place, and the right guidance on what systems to implement and how to go about it (as well as which ones to avoid); we provide that information for our students and our clients.

Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service

There is so much confusion and misinformation when it comes to nutrition, that there needs to be a science based way to not only make sense of this information, but to also allow the practitioner to take their “feelings” out of the equation and let the data guide then in what the best nutrition advice is for each specific client.

Who can benefit from your services?

The type of person or persons that can benefit from our services is anyone in the health, fitness and wellness arena that either wants to add a nutrition counseling component to their business or improve their existing nutrition counseling component by incorporating a systematic approach to nutrition counseling. We work with personal trainers, nutritionists (both holistic and traditional), registered dietitians, pharmacists, yoga studios, supplement stores, medical doctors ranging from bariatric doctors to plastic surgeons, and figure, bodybuilding and fitness competitors and their coaches.

What are some concerns that clients have prior to working with you and please address them?

Some of the concerns that some of our clients or prospects tend to have is that they may have been told that they cannot give nutritional advice as that is considered to be “outside their scope of practice.” While it is true that some states limit who can give nutritional advice, that is not the case for most. Furthermore, the ones that do limit who can give nutritional advice, clearly state that this limitation is for clients who suffer from a chronic illness. It is common sense that if you are not a medical doctor (MD) or a registered dietitian (RD), and a client with a major chronic condition comes to you for nutritional advice, that you refer them to an MD or an RD. However, many of our CFNS’s have been very successful in working with doctors to help monitor, guide, and hold their patients accountable to the nutritional guidelines outlined by the doctor. Let’s face it, most MD’s in this day and age do not have the time to sit and chat with their patients; much less the time to hold them accountable and or meet with them on a regular basis to monitor their progress, address their challenges, or guide them through those challenges. This is where a science based certification like ours gives our students the credibility and knowledge to be able to work with medical doctors as an additional support unit and or extension of the MD’s team. Now, for those few backward states where you are not allowed to give any nutritional advice, there are no laws that prevent our students from helping clients outside of that state… and we provide the structure for that to take place and walk them through that process during or yearly Live event.

Another concern we often hear from them is that they don’t want the “one size fits all” or the “calories in, calories out” approach to nutrition that so many subscribe to today. They may have seen or been through other nutrition certifications or used other software products that tied their hands when it comes to nutrition philosophy and or the ability to fully customize the software to fit their needs, and feel “trapped in the one size fits all philosophy.”

Our Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist online course teaches them our nutrition philosophy as well as how to incorporate, test and validate THEIR nutrition philosophy in the event that they already have a nutrition philosophy or belief that may have proven to be right for them. Often times what works for the nutritionist will not and does not work for the client. We teach them how to assess, correct, and implement the necessary changes when they are faced with those circumstances.

Other courses on the market teach the one size fits all approach to nutrition, such as “grouping your clients into different body types, such as either being classified as an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph. Then based on this box, I mean, “classification,” the client will get a certain number fist fulls of carbohydrates, palm fulls of protein, or thumb fulls of fat per day. This is definitely NOT precise by definition! As an example, two cups of oatmeal (one may argue about the size of a normal male “fist”) contains roughly 600 calories, and around 108g of carbohydrates. However, the same 2 cup serving of Grape Nuts Cereal contains 832 calories and 184 grams of carbohydrates.

Finally, believe it not, a “calorie is not a calorie.” Stating that “all calories are alike,” is like saying that a gallon is a gallon, regardless of what it “holds”… here is what I mean by that: if your car fills up with 20 gallons of gasoline, and I fill your fuel tank with 20 gallons of MILK, well, it will not go very far, correct? The same holds true when it comes to “calories.” If you fill yourself up with 2000 calories from lard, cookies, fried chicken, pizza, beer and ice cream, you will definitely get different results and feel differently than consuming the “same 2000 calories” from chicken breast, brown rice and steamed vegetables with a bit of olive oil or grass fed butter. So a “calorie is NOT a calorie…” it is the quality of the calories, and more importantly what your body can or cannot do with those calories that count.

This is just a glimpse at some of the many concerns that we address in our course and in our live weekly coaching sessions.

What do clients like best about working with you?

What we tend to hear most often that our clients like best about us is that we are real, and that we are accessible. When they call our office, we actually answer the phone. After all, it is our company, so why not be accessible to the people that make our company possible… our customers. Besides our accessibility, we are also told that they like our honest no BS approach to nutrition and education. Our certification course is based on science and not folklore and our software is completely customizable to our clients’ content so that they too can run their business they way they want to run their business.

What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through my personal website, where they can connect with us via whatever social media they choose, view a few videos and even call or text us right from the site. We are here to serve, and is their entry to our world, as they can reach all of our websites from there as well.