Transformative Leadership Specialist
Creating new possibilities for the average individual to achieve financial freedom


Randy Tate is a proven Expert Entrepreneur, Trainer and International Speaker who has a unique combination of knowledge and experience to magnify sales and investment strategies. With a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelors in Health Sciences, his skills and determination have led to the founding of several successful companies as well as holding a key executive role within infusionsoft. Randy has shared the stage with a great speaker such as Chalmers Brothers, Jeff Hazlett, Bill Walsh, and Les Brown. When it comes to results, Randy makes extraordinary concepts a reality.


Rey: Welcome back to today’s premier experts. I’m your host Rey Perez and today I have a very special guest, Randy Tate who is a transformative leadership specialist. Randy, Welcome to the show. What exactly do you do?

Randy: Well, in the simplest nutshell, Rey, I help people see possibility where they didn’t see it before and I help them expand that to their teams.

Rey: And you travel the globe speaking and teaching these courses don’t you or you used to right?

Randy: Yes, I still do a little bit but in general I spent five-plus years traveling all around the world talking to mainly business owners about this process and the importance of helping the people on their team see the world the way they see it so they can actually bring their vision to fruition.


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